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2002 Operations Training Course

The NADP Program Office and of the Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL) will hold a Field Operations Training Course from 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 9, through Thursday, April 11, 2002. The course will be hosted by the CAL, which is located at the Illinois State Water Survey in Champaign, IL.

  • What is the purpose of the Field Operations Training Course?
  1. to learn how to operate a field site and field lab
  2. to learn how to troubleshoot equipment
  3. to acquaint you with CAL operations from the arrival of your samples to the issuance of monthly data reports and to meet CAL staff members
  4. to learn who uses NADP data and see what is available on the NADP Internet Site.
  5. to meet site operators from all across the country and to share ideas and experiences with them and with the CAL.

  • How is the course taught?

CAL and Program Office staff members teach the course. It is designed expressly for site operators who change the sample buckets, service the precipitation gage, perform field chemistry measurements, or record the data on the Field Observer Report Forms. You will receive hands-on training and experience in all of these tasks.

  • Who should attend?
  1. new site operators
  2. operators who have never attended
  3. operators who are having operational problems or who need a refresher course

  • How to "sign up."

Download, print, and complete the form or submit this electronic registration form. The Course will accommodate 30 people and participation will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no registration fee for the training course. The Program Office has a limited amount of travel support available. Please call Pam Bedient (217-244-0868) or email pbedient@sws.uiuc.edu, if you have questions about support or about the course.

The free Acrobat Reader is required to read this form.

  2002 Training Course Sign-up form

Go to the electronic registration form and submit your registration information. 

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