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Central Analytical Laboratory

Field Operations Training Course

April 9-11, 2002

The Central Analytical Laboratory has held Operations Training Courses since 1979. These courses have provided field operations training to NADP site operators. As of April 2002, 745 people have attended training at the CAL and 257 sites have been represented. This year's participants represented 28 sites of which 6 sites became active since May of 2001, and 2 sites are scheduled to start in 2002. This was the 32nd course held at the CAL since 1979.

The course this year began with an evening get acquainted mixer followed by 2 days of training.  

The class of 2002 is shown below.  Click on a participant's face and you will link to his/her site on the NADP/NTN web page. 

Click on the following links for pictures from this year's course.

Day 1 Pictures
Day 2 Pictures
Steven Sweet Chris Lehmann Mike Oxford Jack Deshong Mark Kreiter Hernan Abreu Amy Dukes Ed Cunningham Amy Bieszke Kevin Miller Heather Arthur Steve Nartkar Brenda Riney Mary Richards Taryn Flesjer Erin Watkin Steve Bauer Ted Peters Joyce Kleen Rick Nicolar Steve Bone Miriam Pendleton Eric Nicolar Jessica Caplinger Tanya Neidhart George (Scotty) Cain Marilyn Heet Andy O'Reilly Andy O'Reilly Fred Hagan Fred Hagan Jeff Sorkin Jeff Sorkin

Field Operations Training Course - Class of 2002

Top Row (left to right):
  Jack Deshong WA98 (Pending NTN Site), Mike Oxford CA42 (NTN), Andy O'Reilly CO02/CO94 (NTN), Amy Dukes SC07 (New NTN Site), Kevin Miller AL99 (NTN), Steve Nartkar MI29 (New NTN Site), Fred Hagan ME02/ME96 (NTN & MDN), Steve Bauer MN01 (NTN), Miriam Pendleton VT99 (AIRMoN & NTN), Eric Nicolar ME04 (New NTN Site) 
Middle  Row (left to right):  Chris Lehmann ISWS, Mark Kreiter WA98 (Pending NTN Site), Ed Cunningham NE15 (NTN), Amy Bieszke SC07 (New NTN Site), Mary Richards GA98 (Pending NTN Site), Erin Watkin MN28 (NTN), Taryn Flesjer ND00 (NTN), Joyce Kleen FL05 (NTN & MDN), Rick Nicolar ME04 (New NTN Site), Jessica Caplinger AR16 (NTN)
Bottom  Row (left to right):  Steve Sweet TX39 (NTN), Hernan Abreu AZ03 (NTN), Heather Arthur WI32 (NTN & MDN), Brenda Riney ISWS, Jeff Sorkin CO91/CO96 (NTN), Ted Peters WI99 (NTN & MDN), Marilyn Heet MI48 (NTN), Steve Bone MO43 (NTN), Tanya Neidhardt MT97 (NTN), George "Scotty" Cain DE02 (AIRMoN)

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