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Beginning July 2006, the CAL will send an e-mail to each site operator when a monthly box of supplies has been sent from the CAL to their site. The message will include a list of supplies enclosed in the box. If you do not receive this mailer within a few days of this notice, please contact the Site Liaison so we can trace the shipment. 

Important Note: 
Due to changes at the Illinois State Water Survey campus, shipments to CAL now go to a separate loading dock. To ensure that your samples and supply boxes get to the right place in a timely manner, please add “Dock B” to the CAL shipping address. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated. The CAL address for shipments of samples and supplies is: 

NADP-Central Analytical Laboratory
Illinois State Water Survey
Dock B
2204 Griffith Drive
Champaign, IL  61820

http://nadp.sws.uiuc.edu/cal/ E-mail: cal@sws.uiuc.edu
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Shipping samples and used supplies to CAL: Many of you use Federal Express to ship samples and used supplies to CAL. When filling out your FedEx Airbill label, you need to pay special attention to Section #7 (Payment). Payment should be billed to "SENDER" not to "recipient" when shipping to the CAL. If you check "recipient" the CAL incurs the shipping costs. Your site or your funding agency is responsible for the cost of shipping samples and supplies to the CAL.

Dry bucket procedure: The June 20 NTN Preliminary Data Report to sites contained a review of the dry-side bucket protocol. Please review this protocol at http://nadp.sws.uiuc.edu/Site_support.htm under 2006 Monthly Reminders. Do not return dry-side buckets to CAL. You should clean them on site and reuse them for the dry-side only. Call Matt if you have any questions.

Belfort Operation and Maintenance: Please remember Appendix D of the NTN Site Operations Manual entitled "Recording Raingage Troubleshooting Guide" is a valuable resource if you are experiencing difficulties with the Belfort raingage. It may also be an effective cure for insomnia! Call Matt with questions.



E-mail: cal@sws.uiuc.edu
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Winterizing: Each winter data are invalidated because snow or mixed precipitation is received before the raingage is winterized. The winterization instruction memo is enclosed. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT, go ahead and winterize NOW! See section of the NTN Site Operation Manual or the procedure pages at the back of the CALendar. If you have a new digital raingage, contact the CAL for winterizing information.

June 2006 Lid Seal change: The preliminary numbers are in. We received back at the CAL 225 lid seals.
Their condition breaks down as follows:
bullet 60% were O.K.
bullet 38% had minor problems
bullet 2% had severe problems
Please remember the lid seals are replaced to limit contamination and to ensure a tight lid-to-bucket seal. Lid seal change instructions can be found in section of the NTN Site Operation Manual or the procedure pages at the back of the CALendar.



E-mail: cal@sws.uiuc.edu

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CAL Questions? Contact Chris Lehmann, Director
Central Analytical Laboratory - (217) 244-0868
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